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The Allegro plant is one of the most prominent Turkish and international factories with a special brand manufacturing service for international companies. The Aligro Factory Marks and Orders section allows companies to manufacture any of the clothing models under the customer's own name and mark.

We can serve clients of various sizes and designs as well as manufacture uniforms for schools, restaurants, receptions, workers or others

The team speak Turkish, English, Arabic to meet your wishes

The label service and special orders ensure solutions from the ground up from sharing the design idea to the production and even shipping and delivering the product to a place in the world.

Our production capacity exceeds 150,000 pieces monthly enabling us to meet the demands of many customers in different sizes from around the world.

Quality is one of our first concerns. We guarantee your high quality, punctuality and competitive prices.

Our expertise and manufacturing capability ensures the manufacture of men's outer or outer garments, women's home or outdoor clothing, and children's and baby's clothing.

Leave us the design and manufacturing details and exact details and get a product in the name of your own brand to devote to marketing and sales.

Four basic steps are followed at the Allegro factory to create brands

The Allegro Factory's marks and orders section follows 4 basic steps. Under each step there is a dedicated team to work under the supervision of an account manager assigned to support the client and be the point of contact with the client.

Concept design stage
We design the first stage based on the images and specifications provided by the customer. During this stage, the client communicates with the client to share ideas and design a copy of the design and the required piece
Procurement phase from sources
At this stage, we request cloth, rubber, accessories and other sources. Our location in Istanbul, the world-famous Turkish capital of the garment industry, allows us to reach the best sources of cotton, cloth and other factories with long experience and expertise in this field. Options of quality, colors and more.
The sample creation stage
The sample is constructed according to the sizes and specifications agreed upon with the customer. These samples are tested and supplied to the customer to modify any observations before entering the final production line.
Production and delivery stage
This stage is the stage of putting the product in the production line, which includes several stages such as shortening, production, printing and installation of customer and accessories, and packaging. There is quality control in all these stages and final control to ensure the safety of the product fully.

After the packaging process, the shipment is processed for delivery or shipment order to any place in the world as agreed with the customer.
10 reasons to choose the Allegro Factory for your brand and special requests

Turkish industry: Turkey is famous around the world for its leadership in the field of fashion and clothing industry as well as the quality of cotton and fabrics. Turkey is the place of manufacture of many of the world's most famous brands. The end-user of clothing is estimated to be "Made in Turkey" on the piece and encourages him to buy it. The site of the Allegro factory in Istanbul allows it to access the best sources of fabrics and accessories to give you the highest quality Turkish known worldwide.

A complete solution in one place: We offer you from Al-Alegro solutions from the ground up to provide all required materials as well as all the required stages such as cut, production, printing of all types of thermal or digitel, packaging in the name of the customer's brand and even professionally photographing the piece if requested by the customer.

Competitive prices: Maintaining quality with competition at price is a very difficult challenge, but the key to our competitive prices while maintaining quality is our sources with which we have had relations in this field for a long time and also as we benefit from the "economy of scale" we have better prices from sources, The latter is our use of the latest technologies, which enables us to reduce costs to provide competitive prices.

Timely Delivery: Time management is a very important element of success, requiring our customers to deliver the agreed product on time

Commitment to quality: Commitment to quality is one of the values of the plant Allegro and an integral part thereof. The Quality Control Department is responsible for monitoring and inspecting the production at various stages. The department is equipped with a set of approved quality control tables and guidelines. The examination of the shrinkage, the color check and its stability, the elasticity and elasticity of the rubber before and after washing, the examination of the printing and its effect on washing, examination of the strength of the sutures and tailoring, and conformity with the specifications and other necessary tests.

We do not ask for a large quantity at a minimum: Although we are a factory designed to manufacture in bulk, but we do not ask for large quantities as a minimum of other factories, you can start with a minimum of 50-100 pieces of one model. With some models, if there is a print or a special type of cloth, the source requires a slightly larger quantity.

Specialty: Our team's expertise ranges from cotton, satin, wire, linen, modal, polyester, as well as work on different machines, so we can supply you with men's, women's, children's or baby's clothing.

Specialty: Our team's expertise ranges from cotton, satin, wire, linen, modal, polyester, as well as work on different machines, so we can supply you with men's, women's, children's or baby's clothing.

Specialty: Our team's expertise ranges from cotton, satin, wire, linen, modal, polyester, as well as work on different machines, so we can supply you with men's, women's, children's or baby's clothing.

The production department is also specialized in the production of specialized machines such as drills, chlorite, two and three needles, zak zak, button and pocket switch,

The printing and printing department is equipped with various thermal or digital printing techniques for printing on the product or printing the fiber

The last stage is the packaging section of the finished product and then packing using bar code techniques to check quantities.

We rely on the latest communication technologies between the company's branches and communicate with customers, such as video communication systems that allow customers to communicate via video to review designs, accelerate decision making, and ensure that work is conducted properly.

We are committed to the ethics and work agreements: Allegro factory and company is a company with a license for free trade registered officially in Turkey, we abide by the ethics of work and ethics of free trade. We are committed to contracts and agreements of privacy and non-disclosure and others with all our customers. We are committed to distribution contracts such as product exclusivity, etc. We have a legal department to process these contracts.

100% Customer Satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction is the Key Goal At every step we take at Allegro Factory, we pride ourselves on a unique customer base from around the world. Communicate with the customer by the customer relations manager at different stages of the work through any of the techniques such as visual access, wattasab, e-mail and others provide convenience to the customer and to see the developments of work