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Allegro factory is one of the most reputed full package private label clothing manufacturer in Turkey, with ability to provide A to Z solution starting from concept to production including door-step delivery of consignment across the globe. We work based on custom design and specification you provide to us which helps to yield 100% matching your requirement.

With the production capacity exceeding 150000 units per month, we are a vertically-integrated private label apparel manufacturer which have been helping to turn not only small start-up companies to take the shape of multinational clothing brands but also meet the requirement of leading clothing labels around the world. Highest level of quality assurance and on-time production, cheap cost, sound quality control, state-of-the-art infrastructure have made us one of the most preferred offshore garment manufacturer among our clients. Be it Private Label Clothing for Children Wear, Women Wear,or Men’s Wear, Allegro Factory is well equipped to meet all kinds of garment manufacturing needs which essentially means Private Label Children’s Clothing, Private Label Women’s Clothing, Private Label Men’s Clothing, Private Label Pajamas, Private Label Apparel, Private Label Fashion, Private Label Clothing Wholesalers.

Today Allegro factory,Turkey is one of the most trusted Private Label Clothing Supplier to world’s reputed owners of Private Label Clothing Labels. We work with the mission to simplify the complexities of Private Label Clothing Line and enable our clients to focus on sale part at their end. At Allegro factory,we handle all the nitty-gritty of garment manufacturing process and send ready to sell consignment to our client which eventually helps them to do better business.

4 Stages of Your Full Package Private Label Clothing Manufacturing

At Allegro, our Private Label Clothing Division typically follows 5 necessary steps. Under each steps several works are done and work goes from one skill set of team to another under the strict supervision of Key Account Managers. Each project we receive from our clients are given to KAM (Key Account Manager) who actually represents our clients within the team.

Pattern Making

We develop pattern and grading based on the specification, sample image / tech pack of styles we receive from client. During patterning, apart from paper pattern we also develop fit sample in rough fabric at times to ensure whether the given specification is technically correct or not. We do all kinds of sourcing of fabric and trims as per the given requirement for our clients.

Sourcing and Buying

Being strategically located in Istanbul/Turkey, we have easy access of all kinds of fabric, variety of prints, trims, accessories and all kinds of input material it may require in developing a private label clothing. Understanding the specific requirement of our clients, we source the same, share and procure. Sampling is a part of bulk production at Allegro factory.

Sample Development

Sampling is a part of production which is develop as per the specification and instruction we receive from our clients. We do not start bulk production until the client is completely satisfied with, and gives approval on the sample. Bulk Production at Allegro Factory

Bulk Production

At this stage we simply follow the Sample which is approved by the client. We simultaneously develop custom label and tags and send to the client along with ‘top of the production’ sample. Production process followed by finishing, quality control and packing.

10 Reasons Why You’ll ❤️ Allegro Private Label

ONE STOP SHOP : Being a full service Clothing Factory of Turkey, Allegro offers A to Z garment manufacturing & export services to clients across the globe. Today, after years of operation the company is grown to provide every requirement and clothing producing services under-one-roof; such as – Technical Design Development, Material and Trims Sourcing, All Kinds of Printing, Pleating & Embroidery, Hand as well as Computer Embroidery & Beading, Custom Trims Development, Hang Tags, Woven & Care Labels, Fabric Testing and Lab Dip, Pattern-making, Fitment check, Prototype Samples & Salesman Samples, Costing, Grading, Marking, Cutting (only as a part of cutting and sewing, not a standalone service), Sewing, Finishing (as part of cutting and sewing services only), Bar coding, Packaging, Sourcing and Production Management, Quality Control, Line Sheet, Catalog / Look Book Designing & Printing, Doorstep delivery across world (including local handling of goods, custom clearance, documentation and freight forwarding) and more.

COMPETITIVE PRICING : To maintain quality at cost effective price is a big challenge today. However, Allegro Private label always excels it. Being in the business for a long time, we have access to many trusted suppliers, we also leverage our economy of scale with our suppliers as we purchase with bulk large amounts from them for years to get the best raw material prices.

ON TIME DELIVERY : If time management is an art then Allegro private label is the master of it. With the years of experience, we learned how and where to save the time and meet the client’s deadline. Today, Allegro private label is open to meet any size / volume of garment production requirement with rapid turn around.

QUALITY Assurance : Quality has been an integral part for the organization and it has enabled to set a strong foothold in the garment industry. It’s quality control unit is well equipped with latest quality testing tools to conduct quality checks on the finished garments ensuring the garment delivered to client is defect free. To stay ahead in the competitive garment industry, Allegro factory adheres to certain quality objectives to achieve total excellence in the wide assortment of knitted and woven fashion garment. The quality objectives comprises of the following – Enhancing the production, Maintaining quality throughout the operation process, Minimizing wastage of material. Moreover, the team of quality analysts carefully monitors the manufacturing procedures to ensure that the product line conforms to the international quality standards in terms of stitching, fabrics and color combination. Every single piece of garment is checked and tested on well- defined parameters, before being dispatched to clients. These necessarily include – Fabric strength, Stitch durability, Quality of prints and embroidery, Tear strength, Colorfastness & Shrinkage along with matching size and fitment given by the client.

LOW MINIMUMS : Despite being large set-up factory, the company entertains Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) starting as small as 50 pcs per style. Only for custom print fabric the preferred quantity is 100 pcs per print. This is fairly low if compare with other clothing factory operating at same scale of operation.

SKILLED MANPOWER : Allegro is the powerhouse of talents with sound exposure of International fashion industry. The team of Allegro includes seasoned fashion designers, merchandisers, key account managers, technical experts, production managers, quality control managers and manufacturing specialists who provide services ranging from design, pattern making, sourcing, technical specifications, and sampling to production.

STATE-OF-THE-ART INFRASTRUCTURE : The company has a large cutting space, capable of handling all the cutting needs for a production of up to 150000 units per month. The cutters are experienced in cutting a variety of fabrics, such as Nylon, Light Denim, Twill, Corduroy, Fleece, French Terry, Lycra, Velour, Velour Terry, Jersey, Comb Cotton, Interlock, Woven, Flannel, All rib types, Vinyl, Satin and many more. At other end, Allegro factory is loaded with all required machines such as Single needle, Double needle, Bar Tacker, Three, Four & Five thread Sergers, Coverstitch, Blindstitch hemmer, Zigzag, Button holer, Button sewer, Snap machine, Gromet machine, Eyelet, Fusing machine, Pocket opener, 4 to 10 head Embroidery machines, Shirring machine, Smocking machine, Computerized Marking and Grading, Digitizer, Marker Plotter, and more. It is also having many types of trim finishers, such as binder, hemmer and folders.

FAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE : Allegro is a professionally run business with a valid license of doing international trade. Fair and authentic trade practice is a big concern while it requires to deal with International clients. At this front,Allegro wins the race due to being it a certified export house in Turkey champers of commerce. Additionally, the company spokesperson and key account managers are well versed with common international language which helps global private label clothing owners to communicate better and with ease. Needless to say, internally the company operation is managed using latest ERP and Accounting system software for smooth, transparent and process driven practice while serving the international clients.

GUARANTEED 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : Customer delight is the sole objective behind every bit done by Allegro. Being in to business to business operation, company aims to grow their client’s business further through the quality delivery. In order to achieve the objective of ‘customer delight’, Allegro keep constant communication through out the production process with client using Email , Business class Video conferencing, Whatsapp, or any other proper communication channel. Further, Allegro takes approvals from its client at each step of development before they go at the next step. It gives full freedom to clients to be satisfied before bulk production starts under strict ODM / OEM process.

Made with Love in Turkey: Turkey is well known globally for its fashion and fabric quality. Turkey is a supplier to many elite clothing brands worldwide. Allegro’s location in Istanbul, Turkey enables it to access best fabric and materials suppliers. Normally, end users pays premium for “Made in Turkey” tag. We commit to provide with such well reputation Turkish-made Quality.

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