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Allegro factory is one of the most reputable full packaged Private-Label Clothing Manufacturer. Allegro has the ability to provide A to Z solution starting from concept to production under one roof, we work based on custom designs and specifications given by our clients.

With production capacity that exceeds 150,000 units per month, Allegro is an integrated private label apparel manufacturer that has been helping to turn some small Start-Up companies to take the shape of multinational clothing brands.
In addition, we were able to meet the requirements of leading clothing labels around the world.

We are committed to the environment, we don’t use chemicals in the manufacturing process. We source organic Turkish cotton, because we understand how important to have anti-allergy products for people’s health.
We offer private-label Clothing for Children Wear, Women Wear, Or Men’s Wear, Allegro Factory is well equipped to meet all kinds of garment manufacturing needs, such as Private Label Children’s Clothing, Private Label Women’s Clothing, Private Label Men’s Clothing, Private Label Pajamas, Private Label Apparel, Private Label Fashion, Private Label Clothing Wholesalers.

We Work with The Mission to simplify the Complexities of Private Label Clothing Line, and enable our clients to focus on sales part at their end. At Allegro Factory, we handle all the Nitty-Gritty of garment manufacturing process.

4 Stages of Your Full Package Private Label Clothing Manufacturing

At Allegro, our Private Label Clothing Division typically follows 4 necessary steps. Under each step several things are done, the job goes from one skilled team to another under the strict supervision of Key Account Managers. Each project we receive from our clients are given to KAM (Key Account Manager) who actually represents our clients within the team.

Pattern Making 

We develop pattern and grading based on specifications, sample images, or tech pack of styles we receive from client. During patterning, apart from paper pattern we also develop fit sample in similar or exact fabric at times to ensure the given specification is technically correct. 

Sourcing and Buying 

Being strategically located in Istanbul/Turkey, we have easy access to all kinds of fabric, variety of prints, accessories, and any material that could be required for developing a private-label clothing. We search for available options, and share it with the client to get approval before sourcing.

Sample Development 

Sampling is an important phase of production process, which is developed as per the specification and instruction we receive from our clients. We do not start bulk production until the client is completely satisfied, and has given an approval on the sample. 

Bulk Production

At this stage, we simply follow the Sample which is approved by the client. We simultaneously develop custom label and tags and send to the client along with ‘top of the production’ sample. Production process followed by finishing, quality control and packing.

10 Reasons Why You’ll ♥ Allegro Private Label


Allegro offers A to Z of garment manufacturing. We can design, source fabric and accessories, make patterns, provide labels/hang tags, and package. Everything is under one roof.


Allegro Private-label always excels at maintaining quality at cost effective price. Being in the business for a long time, we have access to many trusted suppliers, we also leverage our economy of scale with our suppliers as we purchase with bulk large amounts from them for years.


We are committed to the environmental safety. No chemical used in the manufacturing process. We only source fabric that has OEKO-TEX® certificate for healthy compliant products.

QUALITY Assurance 

Allegro is totally committed to quality and consistency. Quality control is done at different stages of the production in a systematic way as well as with random check-up. In addition to the procedure we follow, we can work with our clients to prepare check-list of their quality requirements check-ups. 


Despite being large set-up factory, we can fulfil Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) starting as small as 100-200 pcs per style. This is fairly low compared to other clothing factories operating at the same scale of operation.


Allegro’s team includes designers, pattern makers, merchandisers, technical experts who are familiar with different types of fabric.
We have large cutting space, capable of handling all the cutting needs for a production of up to 150000 units per month. Latest technology is used in cutting, printing, production, quality control as well as communication and management


We offer shorter lead time than others as with the years of experience, we learned how and where to save time and meet client’s deadline.
Turkey’s geographic location lends itself toward relatively fast transportation times.


We run business professionally with a valid license of doing international trade. We have legal consultants for signing NDA’s with brands when needed. Allegro is a certified export house in Turkey chambers of commerce. We treat our employees fairly and avoid hiring minors.


Customer delight is the sole objective behind every piece done by Allegro. In order to achieve this, Allegro keeps constant communication throughout the production process with client using Email, Business class Video conferencing, WhatsApp, or any other proper communication channel. We tend to take client’s approval at each step before proceeding.

Made with Love in Turkey

Turkey is well known globally for its fashion and fabric quality. It is a supplier to many elite clothing brands worldwide. Allegro’s location in Istanbul, Turkey enables access to best fabric and materials suppliers. Consumers pay premium for “Made in Turkey” tag.


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