About US

Who We Are:

Allegro is an emerging limited liability company, a manufacturer of the world-class registered trademark Allegro. In addition to this brand, the factory manufactures many international brands in the factory's labeling and orders department
Allegro is a US-Turkish company with two major positions in California - America, Istanbul and Turkey
Why did we choose America? The United States is the world center for fashion houses, designers and fashion fashions. It is also the best place for e-commerce and e-marketing for easy shipping and flexibility.

So why Turkey?
Turkey is a global destination for the manufacture of high quality clothing. The advantage of Turkey is the availability of many high quality fabrics, especially Turkish cotton, which is considered the finest cotton in the world
Turkey also provides many skilled labor in the garment industry, and many international brands tend to manufacture its own pieces in Turkey, especially because of this.

So we decided to combine the advantage of Monday America and Turkey, keeping in mind a model of action aimed at satisfying the final customer first and earning his loyalty and trust in the intruder, with the aim of reducing the intermediaries as much as possible until our distinctive product Very affordable price for the customer

Since its launch, Allegro has been an ally in many countries because of our continuous pursuit of customer feedback, quality assurance and continuous monitoring, and product prices are not overstated.
Our agents and clients are located all over the world in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Canada, Australia, and America

The Department of Marks and Special Orders also manufactures international brands in Canada, Europe, America and the Middle East. Thanks to the team of this department who have been able to win the confidence of many companies in a short period of time due to adherence to specifications and respect for the agreements and maintaining high quality and workmanship.

At Allegro we are committed to work ethics and are very concerned with health and safety issues within the factory and the surrounding environment.

What We Do:

At Allegro we manufacture men's, women's, children's and baby products. We manufacture the internationally registered Allegro brand as well as manufacture for other agencies and international brands as per customer request

We can manufacture lingerie and outerwear of various kinds of fabrics and designs. We can also manufacture and customize uniforms for restaurants, hospitals or schools on demand

In Allegro all stages are integrated under one roof resulting in more collaboration with the staff, better quality and punctuality on the delivery date
From designing the idea to creating, cutting, experimenting and producing the sample, then adding accessories, embroidery or printing all under one roof with Allegro.

As a factory for the service of private brands, our primary goal is to produce what the customer wants, but if it is necessary to discuss design or ideas with experts in Allegro, we will not hesitate to provide creative ideas with our partners and dazzle them with results.